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Upcoming Special Event Teas & Monthly Menus 2019
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Downtown Abbey 21st August 2019  $42.95  pp
Harry Potter 1st-5th, 7th-11th & 14th-18th October  $42.95 pp
Sherlock Holmes 13th November 2019 $42.95 pp
Christmas Tea 1st December - New Years Day  $31.95 pp

Special Event Teas 2020

Agatha Christie  Tuesday 21st January & Wednesdaty 22nd January
Valentines Day 14th February
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Tuesday 3rd & Wednesdaty 4th March
Peter Rabbit  Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th April
Alice in Wonderland Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th May
Doctor Who Wednesday 8th July
Midsummer's Night Dream, A Shakespearian Affair - Wednesday 19th August
Harry Potter Thursday 1st through 3rd, 5th through 9th, 12th through 16th.
Love Actually - Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th November

August 2019

Greens with Champagne Poached Pears, Glazed Walnuts,
Sheep’s Cheese & a Honey Vinaigrette
Cucumber with Mint Butter
Black Forest Ham, Butter Lettuce  with Branston Pickle
White wine & Strawberry Chicken Salad
Caprese Pinwheel
Mature Irish Cheddar & Coriander Quiche
Mini Sausage Roll
Side of Irish Whisky Mustard
Raisin Scone with real Double Devon Cream,
English Jam & our signature Lemon Curd, Fresh Fruit
Vanilla & Lemon Layered Sponge
White Guava Ginger Tea Biscuit
Berry Shortcake Parfait
Gooseberry Sorbet
Featured Tea: White Orange Ginger Peach


Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe is holding a
Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea
Tuesday, 20th, Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd August at 11.30am and 3pm
Greens with champagne poached pears, glazed walnuts,
Sheeps cheese and honey vinaigrette
Sandwich Assortment
Salmon Mousse - Daisy's favourite 
Fig & Stilton Tart with Port wine reduction
Cucumber with Mint & Coriander Butter Finger Sandwich
Lord Grantham’s Roast Pork & Apple Finger Sandwich
Sausage Wrapped Quail Scotch Egg with Pickle 
Titanic’s Asparagus Feuillites with Hollandaise
Raisin Scone with real Double Devon Cream,
Rhubarb & Ginger Jam, Lemon Curd and Fruit.
Victoria Sponge
Champagne Syllabub - Crawley Family Favourite
Floating Islands with Lemon Custard & Raspberries

$42.95 per person
Quotes reading
Each guest will receive a take home gift


September 2019
Heriloom Tomato Salad 

 Egg Salad & Cress Finger Sandwich
 Cucumber & Mint Butter Finger Sandwich
Tapenade Vol au Vent
    Citrus & Kiwi Chicken Salad Finger Sandwich
 Stilton, Tarragon & Chive Quiche
Mini Sausage Roll with Branston Pickle
Raisin Scone with real Double Devon Cream,
English Jam & Fresh Fruit
Passion Fruit Sponge with Mango Buttercream
Lime Dipped Shortbread
Baklava Cup
Raspberry & Mint Sorbet
Featured Tea:  Mango Mist – A great fruity black tea with sweet and juicy mango pieces.


October 2019

Pumpkin Pasty with HP Sauce
​  Roast Beef, Butter Lettuce & Real Ale Chutney
Coronation Chicken Salad Finger Sandwich
Spiced Egg Salad with Chive Finger Sandwich
 Salmon & Dill Vol au Vent
Spinach & Mature English Cheddar Quiche
Mini Sausage Roll with Branston Pickle
  Butterscotch Scone with Double Devon Cream, Strawberry Jam, Lemon Curd & Fruit
Treacle Tart
     Teapot Shortbread 
Dark Chocolate Volcano Cake
Port Wine Syllabub with Blackberries
Featured Tea: Harry Potter – Black tea & rooibos are blended with almonds, citrus peel, cherries & chocolate

Our Harry Potter theme tea is available on the following dates:
 1st October through 6th October
7th October through 11th October
14rh October through 18th October
This event includes a quotes reading, quiz and take home gift.
$42.95 per person - 
Reservations Required

 Magical Beginnings
Pumpkin Pasty & HP Sauce
Polyjuice Potion

Professor McGonagall’s Savouries
Nearly Headless Nick’s Rotten Sausage & Dobby's "Creating a pickle" condiment
Hagrids Stoat, Mandrake Leaves & The leaky cauldrons Real Ale Chutney
Pavrati Patels Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich
Fleur Delacour’s Salmon Pate Vol au Vent
Felix Felicis Spinach & Cheese Quiche
Chinese Fireball Dragon Egg Salad Finger Sandwich

Dumbledore’s Delights
  Butterbeer Scone with Double Devon Cream, Lemon Curd & Fruit
Treacle Tart - Harry Potter’s Favourite
The Weasley brothers Exploding Lemonade Mousse
Liquorice Wand & Sherbet Lemon
The Sorting Hat Biscuit
Each guest will have either a Golden Snitch Sponge Cake, Cauldron Cake Or Harry Potter Birthday Cake.

Featured Tea: Harry Potter Butterbeer Tea – A Black tea & rooibos are blended with almonds, citrus peel, cherries & chocolate just like you would get in Hogsmeade.


Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea Set Menu
Prologue To A Crime
Rhubarb & Rosehip Aperitif (non-alcoholic)
Beef Stew with a Baker St. Bread Roll
Savouries – A Study in Food
The Blue Carbuncle Goose  & Plum Ale Chutney Sandwich
Elementary Egg Salad
Cucumberbatch with Mint Butter
The Beryl Coronet Roast Beef & Horseradish
The Adventure of Black Peter Bacon & Mushroom Finger Sandwich
Scotch-land Yard Egg with“in a right old” pickle
Sweets – A Logical Conclusion
Raisin Scone with Double Devon Cream and Strawberry Jam
Moriar-Tea Bag Biscuit
The Five Orange Pips Sponge Cake
Mrs Hudson’s Fruit Cake & Biscuit
Lestrade Sweet Wine Syllabub