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Special Event Teas 2022
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Jungle Book  18th, 19th & 20th January
Lord of the Rings  15th, 16th, 17th & 18th March
Downton Abbey -   20th & 21st April
Queen Elizabeth II  31st May, 1st June & 2nd June
Bridgerton  23rd, 24th & 25th August
Harry Potter 14th Sep   – 14th October
Great British Bake Off Christmas Tea 15th, 16th & 17th November


January 2022
 $33.95 per person – To Go $27.95
Child $24.95, Add $2 for GF or Vegan

Sage & Onion stuffing Filo Cup with Apple Cream Cheese
Egg Salad & Chives
Rosemary & Thyme Chicken Salad Finger Sandwich
Roast Beef, Butter Lettuce & Horseradish Chive Sandwich
Cranberry Wensleydale & Walnut Vol-Au-Vent
Bubble & Squeak Quiche with Irish Whiskey Mustard
Mini Sausage Roll with Branston Pickle
Raisin Scone with Double Devon Cream,
our signature Strawberry & Elderflower Jam & Lemon Curd
Ginger Nut Biscuit (does not contain nuts)
Banoffee Pie
               Lavender sponge with vanilla Buttercream
Featured Tea: Spice Girls – Ginger Spice – Black & Rooibos tea blend with ginger, cinnamon and caramel.

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea
Presents their first
Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book Afternoon Tea
on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 18th, 19th & 20th January
Did you know Introd, Quiz, quotes & take home gift for every guest.
$44.95 per person
Seoni Village Samosa & Garlic Curry Pickle
Shere Khan’s Ham, leafy greens & stealth mustard.
Bagheera’s Chicken Curry Finger Sandwich
Mowgli’s Cucumber with Raita Finger Sandwich
Bare Necessities Prickly Pear & Goat Cheese Finger Sandwich
Ka’s Paneer Cheese, Puppodum & Mango Chutney
Colonel Haithi’s Dates, coconut & honey scone  with lemon curd,
Fig Jam & Double Devon Cream
King Louis’ Banoffee Pie
Baloo’s Honey & fruit biscuit
Orange Chai sponge with Cochin Chai Masala Buttercream
Rudyard’s Kipling Fruit Salad  with Sherry drizzle.

Featured Tea:  Assam – Mowgli's Man Cub blend - A black & rooibos tea made with cooconut, vanilla, pineapple & cranberries.


22 Valentine Brunch Ideas For Friendsgiving - heart sugar cube and tea cup  - The Party GoddessThe Party Goddess

February 2022
$33.95 per person – To Go $27.95
Child $24.95, Add $2 for GF or Vegan

We will be serving our Valentines Afternoon Tea
12th, 13th & 14th February
Champagne Toast & chocolate dipped strawberry
Tomato Basil Soup & cheesy heart crouton

Egg Salad & Chives Vol-au-Vent
Mature English Cheddar & Hearty Mustard Toasty
Coronation Chicken Salad Finger Sandwich
Sundried Tomato & Goat Cheese Quiche
Ham, Real Ale Chutney & Butter Lettuce
Mini Sausage Roll with Branston Pickle

Raisin Scone with real Double Devon Cream,
English Jam & our signature Lemon Curd, Fresh Fruit
Blackcurrant curd & passion fruit Tart
“Made with Love” Shortbread
Strawberry Sponge with Fruit Swirl Butter Cream

Featured Tea: Be mine  – Black Tea infused with dried strawberry pieces and chocolate


Lord of the Rings Afternoon Tea
 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd March
“Did you know?” Introduction, Quotes, Quiz & Lambas Bread gift for every guest.
$44.95 per person
The Fellowship of the Ring Starter
Legolas Elf Cordial
Sam Gamgees Mature English Cheddar Basket With Garden Vegetables & Gimli’s Sherry Vinagrette
Two Towers Savouries
Boromir’s Roast Beef with Black Rider Horseradish Cream
 “Bree” & Golden Perch Real Ale Chutney Finger Sandwich
Strider’s Apple & Roast Pork Finger Sandwich
Gandalf’s Firework Egg Salad
Gollum’s “Precious” Salmon & Chives Ring
Farmer Maggot’s Mushroom and Potato Pie
Return of the King Sweets
Bucklebury Bramble Scone, Double Devon Cream,
Merry’s Rhubarb Jam & ’s Eowyn’s  Lemon Curd
Froddo’s Strawberry & Cream Tart
Galadriel’s Vanilla Sponge & Lavender Honey Buttercream
Pippin’s Wild Berry Crumble
  Brandywine Syllabub


Downton Abbey 2022 Afternoon Tea
 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th & 27th  April
11am, 1.30pm & 4.00 pm sittings

Introduction, Quotes, Quiz & gift for every guest.
$44.95 per person

Greens with Champagne Poached Pears, Glazed Walnuts,
Sheep’s Cheese and Honey Vinaigrette
Titanic’s Asparagus with Hollandaise
Salmon Mousse - Daisy's Favourite 
Fig & Stilton Tart with Port Wine Reduction
Cucumber with Mint & Coriander Butter Finger Sandwich
Lord Grantham’s Roast Pork & Apple Finger Sandwich
Sausage Wrapped Quail Egg with Branson’s Pickle 
Orange & stem ginger Scone with real Double Devon Cream,
Rhubarb & Ginger Jam, Lemon Curd and Fruit
Lemon & lime sponge with chantilly & gin buttercream
Sherry Syllabub - Crawley Family Favourite
Bourbon Biscuit 
Floating Islands with Lemon Custard & Raspberries

Celebrating HRH Queen Elizabeth II  
Platinum Jubilee

30th, 31st May & 1st, 2nd June 11.00 am, 1.30 pm and 4.00 pm
Event includes the Queen's history & champagne toast
        $39.95 per person.
Stilton port pate with pickled beetroot & Balmoral Oatcake
Egg Salad with chives
Smoked Salmon (Ham alternative available)
Coronation Chicken Finger Sandwich
Cucumber with Mint Butter
Sausage Roll with Branston Pickle
Raisin Scone with Double Devon Cream, Blackberry & Apple Jam
 & Lemon Curd
“Queen” Victoria Sponge
Crown Shortbread
Elizabethan Iced Lavender Tart
Chocolate Raspberry Tiara Mousse